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Easy and Simple Forex Trading Tools

Frequently Asked Question ?

SQUARE EA always cares about our customers.

Got a question? We're here to answer. If you don't see your question here, drop us a line on bottom of the page.

Is EA for sale?

NO!!!  Our EAs are only copy trade. We take same profit and risk with you.

Can you go for signal trade?

We don't go for a signal because the signal can easier make the client doesn't get same position as we open.

What broker do we use?

We choose a stable and efficient broker to copy trades for you. In the future, we strive to make as many brokers as possible to choose from. However, we need to test and ensure that the follwer will receive a good copy trade system..

When I can withdraw my funds?

Anytime you want. However, if there are active orders, you must close them first and the profit and loss will not follow the original trading port. Your money you can withdraw anytime.

Why are my results different?

Copy Trade will give you the same result with trading port you track as long as the balance you put in is proportional to the orignal one and is not lower than our recommended.

How often does EA trade?

This depends on market conditions. We expect  1-5 trades per day. However, someday may have no trade.

How do I set the forex robots?

No, you just click follow and wait to enjoy the profit.

Why SL so far?

This is a safety measure to avoid the broker from being able to stop loss hunt, to avoid losses. We hid the real SL for you.

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